“There’s a huge amount of b_ROMANTIC love going on between Hiddleston and Hemsworth”- Tom Hiddleston


Is that a Fan Art? I don’t know, but I Know that Thor 3 comes in 2016 out. - Say Marvel ;-)

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Avengers + Thor: The Dark World Parallels 

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Why this is so hot?

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“Villains are more interesting than heroes. A hero can be born a hero, but usually something has to happen at some point to make a villain a villain.”

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Claim loyalty to me, and I will give you what you need.

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And if you must die,
Remember your life

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Tom Hiddleston by Lorenzo Agius




Just… this.

Thor: Give me a kiss Loki

Loki: Though you’d never ask ;) 

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When bromance becomes gay. Hiddlesworth is real. 17 apr 2012